Saturday, April 2, 2016

Need I Wonder Why?

[ I originally wrote this in 2008, and just copied it here as it seems to fit in with the theme...  ]

The older I get the more I wonder why the world is becoming what it is...

I heard this morning that Woodrow Kroll has been a professor at Liberty University for many years. Each year he gives the incoming freshmen a quiz on Bible knowledge. (Keep in mind that this is a Christian University)

It is a very basic quiz asking simple questions like 'Who was Adam's wife' and the like. You only have to get 50% of the answers correct in order to pass the exam. He said over the years, the number of students passing has steadily decreased.

With society and the world being what they are today, that didn't suprise me too much. But I never realized how bad it has gotten. It was said that last year he administered the test to 1050 incoming freshmen. Can you guess how many passed the test?

Only 45 students out of 1050 in a Christian University could correctly answer 50% of some of the easiest Bible questions imaginable.

What does that say about our nation? Our churches? Our families? There is only one thing I can think of - the Bible, God's revelation to us about Himself, and His instructions on how we should live, has become irrelevant in the lives of people today. What is actually the most important Book has apparently become the least important to the people who need it most.

45 out of 1050... I am sad.

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